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Aftermath of one of Toro Z's Morning Classes

Toro Z Muay Thai is a new community-based gym in Sacramento dedicated to teaching and honing muay thai and its techniques.

On top of a free trial period to help you decide whether the muay thai life is for you, Toro Z boasts no initiation fee and no contracts to be as beginner-friendly as possible. We also offer Veteran and Student Discounts, and conveniently located near Sacramento State University, Green Acres Nursery, and Boulder Fields Rock Gym.

Never expect to be judged when you walk through our doors: all people of all ages, all abilities and all walks of life are welcome here at Toro Z. We strive to uphold a friendly atmosphere thanks to our amazing coaches and want nothing more than for you to become the you you've always imagined.


A referee waiting to see a Toro Z fighter in action

At Toro Z we believe anyone has what it takes to become a fighter on our Fight Team! Even if you don't plan to compete, training with us is a surefire path to becoming a force to be reckoned with. We have classes for all age groups and skill levels, listed below:

  • Beginner Muay Thai
  • Advanced Muay Thai
  • Kids' Class
  • Fitness Class
  • Personals (upon request)
For more information, check out the details on each class on our About Us page.

How to Get Started

Come on in! Our doors are always open from Monday to Saturday and there's no better time than the present to get started. If you want any more information before coming in, please reach out to us on our Contact page.

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Toro Z Muay Thai

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